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Quality photography and experienced photographic training

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Vincent Swift photography is a long-standing, professional photography business you can trust to deliver quality photography and experienced photographic training – right across Brisbane, Ipswich, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Interstate.  Vincent has a lifetime of photographic experience and is an active member of South East Queensland’s photographic community, In 2016/17 he was elected to the position of president of the Professional Photographers Association Queensland (PPAQ)

Quality Photography

Vincent Swift Photography specializes in wedding, portrait, glamour, and event photography services.

Vincent loves weddings – he has captured over 350 weddings in the last nearly 30 years of his career. Originally in Europe, & The USA, and more recently in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, North Queensland, Sydney, and Canberra.  He has developed a timeless style and practical approach.

Experienced Photographic Training

During 2017-2018 Vincent was a Canon Australia sponsored photographic trainer and also teaches with Nikon products as a School photography teacher– with curriculum developed and delivered to young adults across Brisbane high schools, and also to adults across Queensland.

2017-2018 Canon Australia sponsored photography educator

www.cameracorp.com.au, Technical expert

Lourdes Hill College Brisbane, Extra-Curricular photography teacher

Photographic Trainer @ The Photography Workshop

Previous President of the PPAQ and lead photographic trainer 2016/2017 (Professional Photographers Association Queensland)

Polygon Group DSLR education expert

Queensland school photographic teacher for Cameracorp teaching with Nikon Cameras, Currently teaching at Lourdes Hill College Brisbane, Ipswich Boys Grammar School & previously at St John’s Catholic College Forest Lakes, & The Springfield Anglican College.

Mentor and trainer  @ Vincent Swift Photography.

For any questions regarding photography or tuition please give Vincent a call 0411 497 679

ABN: 19 318 729 564

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Second shooting for Red Balloon Photography.

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