Basic DSLR

Basic  DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex)


Our Basic DSLR course is a general course that is ideal for the novice photographer.  It will ground you in the fundamentals needed to advance your photography and take over control of your camera.  You will have the confidence to switch off automatic mode and take those amazing shots you bought your camera for in the first place!

You will learn about:

  • You will learn about: ISO… How by changing your ISO you can capture images in lower light and capture sport and night shots with higher shutter speeds.
  • We will show you how aperture works and why it is such a creative part of camera operation to create a shallow depth of field for portraits and long depth of field for landscapes and everything in between
  • Shutter speeds.. The course will teach you how to stop movement in an image or create movement in an image, Freezing a motorbike traveling at speed or creating a soft moving waterfall
  • We will teach you about semi-automatic and manual camera settings to really start to use your camera correctly
  • This workshop is ideal for the novice photographer