My personal photos

A big Part of being a commercial photographer is taking images for other people, I also love to take photos for myself. The images below are a selection of images that I have taken, just for me.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy taking them.


VSP_6634 VSP_6647 VSP_6652 VSP_6668 VSP_6670 VSP_6684 VSP_6690 VSP_6704 VSP_6707 VSP_6716

VSP_2965 VSP_3030 VSP_3079 VSP_3080 VSP_3101 VSP_3191 VSP_3229 VSP_3251 VSP_3253 VSP_3256 VSP_3279 VSP_3289 VSP_3343

VSP_2936 (2) VSP_2944 VSP_2955 VSP_2980 VSP_2995 VSP_3026 VSP_3029 VSP_3037 VSP_3042 VSP_3086 VSP_3119 VSP_3145 VSP_3200 VSP_3203 VSP_3207 VSP_3240 VSP_3292 VSP_3326

VSP_9271 VSP_9260VSP_9384 VSP_9381 VSP_9343 VSP_9352VSP_6052 VSP_6015 VSP_6007 VSP_5961 VSP_9295 VSP_9292 VSP_9275 VSP_9246 VSP_922814542582_960660680724046_7243360539670073163_o 12933008_10153637139803253_1028834658956680714_n 12920385_10153637139913253_1820298542816073009_n 12901442_10153637139538253_7059309083184527880_o 12891102_10153637139518253_5262775569205396138_o 12719496_10153637139643253_1820882149963412469_oVSP_7333 VSP_7270 080A1627 VSP_9220 VSP_6087

VSP_7483 VSP_7383