Schools DSLR courses

A lot of my work involves teaching, I teach DSLR photography in schools for Cameracorp, they offer a rental service for photographers and part of that service is a high school DSLR program.

The first part of the program last 16 weeks, students are taken all through every aspect of camera operation with a focus on ISO, Aperture & Shutter speeds. The program is a very hands on style tuition with a lot of practical work. Kinetic learning is the best way to learn, its the way i learn and so i have written the program to teach this way too.

For as little as $249 per term the student gets a DSLR camera, lens, card, bag and tuition. After the 1st term the students will be working in full manual and be controlling all aspects of the camera. They get to take the camera home and even keep it through the holidays. This is the best way to learn photography and they can continue to advance their skills each term. Advance courses in Studio lighting, macro photography, sports photography, portrait and landscape.

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