One Photographer, many brides

I was at a wedding a couple of weeks back and I realized that there were 8 brides from previous weddings that I had shot there. The first one was 17 years ago, I just had to get a photo.

Photo Jannick Clausen.


David & Anna Papik

I have known the Papik family for nearly 20 years and I have photographed 4 of the daughters and now the son of Debbie and Miso Papik. They are a wonderful family, great to work with and accept me as part of their extended family, on Saturday 11th I shot the 5th family wedding. Just like the rest, it was a wedding full of excitement, kids, loads of kids and heaps of fun. These are just a few of the numerous images. Congratulations David & Anna.

VSP_2295 VSP_2047
VSP_3186 VSP_3140